Core Postural Alignment (Spinal Touch)

What is Core Postural Alignment?

Core Postural Alignment, previously known as Spinal Touch, is a philosophy and practice which seeks to help keep the bones of the skull, spine and pelvis in their proper relationship with each other, in order to allow the body to express its maximum potential.

You will be assessed for postural distortion whilst standing in front of a plumb line. Even untrained people (a spouse or parent, for example) can often see the distortion when compared to a vertical and horizontal reference point. The exact form that this distortion takes determines how the alignment technique is applied. Treatment is very gentle and often people will fall asleep while receiving an alignment as it is so relaxing.

How does it work?

Core Postural Alignment helps the body to restore the normal position to the centre of gravity, solely by a unique muscle relaxation technique, which then allows the postural muscles to correct any misalignments, freeing up the nervous system. The treatment itself does not correct the imbalances of the skeleton: the body has its own spinal muscles to do that. However, the spinal muscles are often too busy doing something else. It is this “something else” that Core Postural Alignment addresses, allowing the muscles to do the job they are supposed to do.

Core Postural Alignment is primarily concerned with creating a healthy, balanced state on all levels. It therefore has the potential to help people with almost any condition.