McTimoney technique


What is the McTimoney Technique?

There are many techniques used all over the world which are used to help balance the body, some dating back thousands of years. The techniques I use are characterised by swift, light adjustments, using only the hands. The speed of an adjustment causes a small vibration, which gives a joint an opportunity to rebalance. The whole body is checked at each treatment. Most adjustments are within the body’s normal range of movement, and treatment is pleasant to receive.

How does it work?

I use these gentle adjustment techniques on their own, or in combination with other equally gentle techniques to ‘remind’ your body of its naturally balanced condition. This may have been affected over the years by injury, posture, repetitive activity, or the everyday stresses of life. If the skeleton, particularly the spine is properly aligned, the nervous system can function properly, which can lead to improved overall health and relief from pain.

Balancing the skeleton can help:

Back pain, headaches, injuries, joint pain, digestive problems, and a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. Please call to discuss how treatment may help you.