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The art of the natural therapist

The art of the natural therapist Just about everyone can learn to play a few notes on an instrument, or draw a picture. Some will be happy with a taste, others will carry on to explore interesting techniques or create new forms. In every expression of creativity, people have differing talent and potential. We may

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Reflections on the death of a dear colleague’

Reflections on the death of a dear colleague  This was written before I voluntarily deregistered as a chiropractor. I no longer practice as a chiropractor. J Hanstead December 2016. Nick Shipton died unexpectedly following a short illness in March 2016. He lived in Bristol, and practiced in Bristol, Castle Cary and Frome. He used a combination

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Electrical and chemical sensitivity

Electrical and chemical sensitivity Gillian McCarthy, GSOH, lives in a field. She would love to live in a house, but many of the trappings of the 21st centaury are mortally dangerous to her. Years ago she was poisoned by organophosphates while working as a biochemist on sheep dips. This led to her now debilitating electrical

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Craniosacral therapy ‘tides’

Craniosacral therapy ‘tides’ I was on the Isle of Wight, leading a workshop for a group of McTimoney chiropractors. It introduced practically the basic skills of ‘listening’ to the body, and discussed the use of CST with McTimoney chiropractic. Walking along this beach in the morning, I was pondering how to put across the idea

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