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Below is a list of links that you may find useful for help, treatments or information on the techniques I use and on a variety of other treatments. I can not vouch for the content of all of these sites.

Local information


Therapies and Professional Bodies

Craniosacral Therapy Association
Core Posture Alignment (Spinal touch)
Association for McTimoney Practitioners


Local practitioners and clinics

Natural Health Clinic, Frome 
Neals Yard Remedies, Bath
Joanna Loutsis
Clement Rhein
Peter Scruby   
Lynn Shorthouse
The Avalon Community Centre   


Of interest

Family friendly holidays
Wi-fi protection and earthing products
First Aid Courses
Charlotte Bishop, dentist   
My YouTube channel    

Spinal Care
Back in Action
Sacro-iliac belt
Wave Stool

New Babies
Qudo baby soother

Higher Nature
Optibac Probiotics
The Natural Dispensary
Good Health Naturally 


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Best wishes, Jo Hanstead