Balancing the skeleton and releasing tension in the surrounding tissues can help a range of acute and chronic conditions

As with all natural therapies, it is the person, not the condition that is treated. By releasing stresses from the nervous system, all joints, tissues and organs of the body can potentially benefit. So it is not strictly true to say that any therapy can cure any condition.

Only the body can heal. The effect of treatment depends on what compensations in the body are released. Conditions and symptoms which may be helped by a combined treatment approach such as that outlined in this website are taken from symptom lists endorsed by the professional bodies of the types of individual treatments used.

The legal requirement for mass verifiable data offers a particular representation of the benefits of treatment. It is supported by, but is an incomplete reflection of results I have seen over 30 years in practice, plus the anecdotal reports of several thousand patients. The list in this page includes some of my own experiences as reported by my patients.

No symptoms list is exhaustive, and no claim can be made for guaranteed efficacy for any individual case. Please contact me directly to discuss whether treatment may be helpful to you.

1.Back pain

Chronic or acute, due to a particular condition such as arthritis, or as a result of habit or injury.


I find many types of headache including migranes can benefit from treatment.

3.Digestive problems

Many have reported improvement in the workings of their digestive systems.

4.Minor sports injuries

Repetitive activities can result in pain and reduced function. Treatment can be for minor injuries, or for an occasional ‘tune-up’.

5.Pregnancy pains

I find particularly helpful for back pain and pubic symphysis pain during pregnancy. Safe, effective and pleasant to receive right up to term.

6.Joint pain: shoulders, arms and legs

The balance of the spine and pelvis is critical to proper functioning of all other parts of the body.

7.Stress and tension

Reducing stress from the body/mind/emotional system helps us cope better with stresses in the outside world. Also, stress in itself is a participatory cause of pain.

8.Arthritic conditions

I find balanced joints can cause less pain.

9.Neck pain

With or without other symptoms such as arm pain or pins and needles. I have found treatment can be helpful soon after an injury or years later.


There is an increasing body of research covering the benefits of physical intervention for many conditions and patient groups. This is particularly well documented in the areas of muscular-skeletal conditions (back, joints, sports injuries etc). If you require more information on any aspect of any of the therapies used, please follow the relevant links from this site. .

To discuss your individual requirements in person please contact me directly.

Complementary therapy should always be considered alongside appropriate medical care.